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Neptune, the mystical planet of psychic abilities, dreams and mediation can also warn you about wanting something that can dissolve into thin air.

Did you know that the Progress Venus can show when love will come?  But also tell you the issues you will have and warn you of certain things.





When people think of astrology.  They think of those horoscopes you read in the newspapers.  The one in a million that something special will happen.  Odds are better buying that lottery ticket.  But then.............................................................................

Take a person's birth information and that transforms into when something special will happen.


Astrology can help you make those choices in life. It can help you understand why you are feeling the way you are.  Those emotions reflects in your chart and how to deal with them.  A psychologist take years to get to the root of your problem but the chart gets right to the heart of the matter in little time.  Thousands of dollars on therapy when your chart can save you money but peace of mind.  Relationships, locations, travel, family, spiritual, money & career all shows in your chart.  Astrology can tell you when love is coming rather it is a new love or an old love that is getting a second chance.  Astrology on the karmic side can tell you what you need to accomplish in this lifetime on a soul's level.


The outer planets tells the story of your life along with the issues you might be facing.  Saturn.....maturity, decisive action, persistence and determination.

Uranus....the unexpected, the shock, the rebel.

Neptune. dreams, mediation, illusions, spiritual.

Pluto.......transformation, death and rebirth, truth.


Progressions are slow moving inner planets that help you evolve and are like a slow moving story in your life.

To make predictions can be misleading as if a psychic told you that something will happen and then it doesn't, what happen?  First there your free will.  The prediction was based on how you might have choose or acted on something but since you were told about the prediction, you did nothing but waited.  By waiting and doing nothing, that is exactly what happen.  Nothing happen.  We make life happen, predictions don't.  Your chart shows the issues you will face.  It will ask the question based on how you choose and how you choose makes that prediction come true.  It will tell you when the most important fated events will take place in your life, but you still get to choose.  


When I do a reading for a client, I get them to open their eyes to the possibilities, their higher consciousness of when events happen, it will enlighten them to see how the Universe is working through them.  It is about energy, of manifesting your desires. 

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